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  • Welcome to Champions of Rokugan
  • We're glad to have you!

    Champions of Rokugan is a new semi-living campaign for Legend of the Five Rings. While CoR is done in the style of Heroes of Rokugan 2, it is NOT another iteration of HoR. Champions of Rokugan is an online campaign that uses module-based adventures to allow additional groups to share the experience, and the community submission model to continue to develop the setting. We are NOT HoR 3, and at this point are invitation only (to spare the Campaign Admin's sanity by keeping a small number of players), but if you liked HoR, we hope you'll like CoR.

    To get started, go to the forums and create an account. Please register as [first initial]_[last name], so John Smith would be J_Smith.

    Please note that the forum will not be visible until you register.
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